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Our team at Accu Care Solutions is our biggest asset. Comprised of experienced professionals in medical billing, credentialing services & customer service. They work together to provide top-notch service and support to our clients. Their knowledge, dedication, and commitment are key to our success.

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Denial Management 95%
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CPT, ICD 10 coding 96%
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Client Reporting 93%

Frequently Asked Questions

Accu Care Solutions is one of the best Medical Billing Companies in the USA empowering medical practices to achieve better financial outcomes. Being a Revenue Cycle Management firm, we help practices to succeed in the healthcare industry, in addition, Accu Care Solutions assists countless medical practices to stay afloat. As a result, it makes your practice financially sustainable. Therefore, Talk to Our Experts to enhance your entire revenue cycle process.

Our provider credentialing team at Accu Care Solutions helps providers to reduce the time to credential by up to 30% enabling you to achieve revenues faster. We take care of all the compliance requirements and do regular follow-ups to make sure that providers enrollment smoothly. Our knowledgeable experience helps providers to attract more patients to their practice.

We have helped numerous medical practices to identify these opportunities. In addition, our accurate Medical Billing Services help to avoid claim denials and optimize practice revenue. As a result, they improve the claim processing and reimbursement workflow. Similarly, healthcare providers tend to have fewer claim denials. Moreover, it boosts practice workflow and profitability, enabling you to thrive in the healthcare industry. Above all, you can get payments faster with our audit to improve cash flow.

Our audit helps practice owners understand areas of concern that impact the financial aspect of the business. Other than that, it provides efficient Medical Billing Solutions tailored to optimize your practice cash flow. In addition, it enhances practice revenue by knowing where it lacks. Moreover, the Medical Billing Audit provides details of all the errors in claim submissions. In other words, you can grow your practice to the next level

Our medical billing specialists provide rigorous and efficient medical billing services, allowing you to focus on your practice’s everyday operations.

Trevor Philips, C.E.O

What Our Customers Say

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We arepartners in your business and your success is ours.
Working with Accu Care Solutions has been an absolutely great experience. Their efficiency and effectiveness are top-notch. Accu Care Solutions is an extraordinary agency and I would highly recommend them for all your billing needs.
Dr. Max Turner, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Accu Care Solutions has saved my medical practice. Without them, I don't know where my practice would be today. I've had a long-term relationship with them and I love it!
Dr. Grant Michael
I would definitely recommend Accu Care Solutions to any healthcare provider seeking Credentialing & Medical Billing services! Accu Care Solutions provided prompt responses to all of my questions and also emailed application updates /summaries often. I am very satisfied with their services!
Dr. Michael Linden, M.D.
Easy process. The staff was very responsive, would response to calls/emails quickly, explained everything in detail, and pricing was very reasonable. Would highly recommend! I am most pleased with their customer service, efficiency and hard work to help my business grow. I am also pleased with their credentialing and billings services. I have recommended some of my friends and they are also grateful.
Dr. Julia Jameson​, DPM