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When you’re recovering from an illness, surgery, or injury, you may need outpatient rehabilitation. This means you’ll get one or more types of therapy after you leave a hospital or clinic. You may go to an outpatient rehab facility. Or in some cases, treatment may take place in your home. The goal of this rehab is to help you heal and get back to your everyday activities.

Handling patients’ vision insurance and performing coding for eye related procedures requires organization and attention to detail. When running your own Ophthalmology or Optometry Practice, the busy day-to-day of seeing and treating patients can make it difficult to keep up with changing guidelines, rules, and regulations related to vision and eye care coding.

Outsourcing your coding and billing processes ensures that you have a full-time staff processing your claims and working towards maximum reimbursements. Outsourcing can help decrease errors and claim adjustments and increase your practice’s cash flow.

Cardiology and its high-value procedures calls for an RCM service that can capitalize on those procedures through maximized coding, especially when patients are now among the largest groups of payers. For that reason, you’ll want the most from your coding, and then a way to virtually guarantee patients will pay their portion after insurance.

Accu Care Solutions has the tools and know-how to accomplish both, typically increasing our clients’ revenue by 10-20%,and sometimes by up to 30%


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In today’s healthcare environment, providers not only have to focus on patients, but also must be attentive to the bottom line of their practice. However, complex payer guidelines and evolving regulations tend to adversely affect the financial health of the practice if billing is not done quickly and accurately


Hematology is also a difficult specialty to be in from a reimbursement perspective, making accurate coding and efficient practice management all the more critical to success. Outsourcing your hematology medical billing and revenue cycle management processes to a knowledgeable partner can help you maximize your revenue stream.


With as many as 1/3 of Americans who will have some type of brain or neurological disorder in their lifetimes, your work as a neurologist is critical—and complex. Conditions neurologists and neurosurgeons treat may cover an enormous range, from epilepsy and dementia to spinal injuries and cancer. Medical billing and coding activities are concurrently complicated and time-consuming. When you outsource your medical billing, coding, and other medical practice management needs to a knowledgeable billing company, you gain a partner who can help you streamline your neurology practice and maximize your revenue stream.



Cardiologist, you work with the body’s most important organ and often see patients when their heart health is already compromised. Patients may require one or more complex procedures, so your billing staff must have a thorough understanding of the appropriate codes and modifiers required for cardiology procedures like pacemakers, different types of percutaneous coronary interventions, and peripheral vascular procedures. Hiring and retaining staff for in-house billing can be costly in terms of time and monetary investment. By outsourcing all or some of your practice’s revenue cycle processes to an experienced medical practice management company, you can spend more time with your patients while maximizing your revenue stream.


Orthopedic claims are denied regularly for bundling. To ensure maximum reimbursement, it is critical that your billing staff have in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, CCI edits, and appropriate modifier usage. A medical billing and revenue cycle management partner can help with all aspects of billing and coding, but especially with denial management. Outsourcing denial management and other processes can help save your orthopedic practice time and increase reimbursements.

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We believe in affordable Credentialing & Billing Services for all.

Accu Care Solutions offers its customers complete end-to-end Medical Revenue Cycle Management solution. We understand your RCM needs. Our teams of certified coding and billing professionals work tirelessly to boost your reimbursement streams and streamline your revenue workflows.